New Year 2013 Events In Carlisle UK

20 Dec

New Years Eve Party in CarlisleLooking for a new years eve party in Carlisle then we’ve put a definitive list together just for you. Living in Carlisle is tough in the winter, the cold days and nights tend to drain the enthusiasm for going out, but if you do make the effort you will have a fantastic time this year. The festive period is literally littered with great events and we’ve got them all in one handy little list. Continue reading

The Top 5 Christmas Events in Carlisle, UK 2013

29 Nov

Carlisle is a beautiful city located in Cumbria between Scotland and the Lake District. It’s full of culture and when Christmas arrives, it’s home to some amazing festive attractions. The city comes to life with groups, couples and families from all over flocking to stay in some of the best hotels in Carlisle during the festive period. This article looks at five of the must see Christmas events that will be coming to Carlisle this year. Continue reading

A Breakdown of the Top 10 Hotels in the Lake District

23 Oct

Hotels in Lake DistrictThe Lake District usually referred to as the Lakeland is found in a mountainous region located in North West England. It’s well endowed with lakes, mountains and forests. It lies within the modernised Cumbria County. It is well endowed with favourable climate, good topography and tourist attractions like national parks. It has a wide range of world class five star and four star hotels and the following is a breakdown of top ten hotels in Lake District: Continue reading

The History Of Carlisle Train Station

25 Sep

carlisle1Carlisle train station is a station that serves Carlisle city, in Cumbria, England. It lies at an estimated 101 miles south of Central Glasgow and about 298 miles to the north of London Euston. It is also known as the Carlisle Citadel station. This train station acts as the northern terminus to the celebrated Settle and Carlisle line, which historically and by notion, is known to be a continuation of the Midland Main Line, from Leeds, to Sheffield and finally to London St Pancras. Later on, it was renamed to Carlisle railway station. Continue reading

Visiting Carlisle Attractions Whilst Staying At Hotels In Carlisle

23 Aug

If you’re looking for a new beauty spot to visit in Britain – look no further than Carlisle. Carlisle and its surrounding areas are magical places ideally situated between the Lakes District and Scotland. Hotels in Carlisle offer a chance to explore Carlisle and visit a number of hidden treasures, with its stunning countryside, vibrant life and highly cultured city it is a place definitely taking time out to visit. What is even better for visitors is that it is easy to access with a direct link to the M6. Continue reading

Enjoying A Bite To Eat In One Of The Many Carlisle Restaurants

16 May

Carlisle Restaurants, Catering For Everyones Individual Taste Buds…

carlisle1When visiting a new place for a short break or just for the day, it’s always a good idea to venture into the town centre and get a taste of what the place has to offer. This is most definitely the case when it comes to a visit to Carlisle, if the historic buildings and features don’t take your breath away, then their vast choice of restaurants certainly will. As with many town and cities attempting to attract visitors to the area, being able to cater for a range of different people is vital. Here is a brief guide on some of the restaurants available when you visit Carlisle.
Continue reading

Restaurants in Carlisle

19 Apr

Finding A Place To Eat With Restaurants in Carlisle

Situated in the North-West of England, the charming city of Carlisle is the county town of Cumbria. With a population of around 100,000 people, it is unsurprising to find that there are almost 170 restaurants in Carlisle, offering a wide variety of cuisines and catering for a range of taste and budgets. Whether it is an Italian, Indian, Chinese or traditional British meal you are looking for, the array of restaurants located in Carlisle will surely meet every individual requirement. This article gives a brief guide on the vast range of restaurants in the town.
Continue reading

A History Surrounding Gretna Green Weddings

2 Apr

Gretna Green – An Introduction

Gretna Green is a famous Scottish town near the border with England. It is the first town in Scotland on the way from England. It is famous for its runaway weddings where eloping couples from other countries with strict marriage legislation go to in order to conduct their weddings.
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The Cursing Stone – Carlisle

30 Aug

During a recent meal in a restaurant in Carlisle I had an interesting conversation with a member of staff about the towns famous cursing stone.

You know the saying, “it’s written in stone”? Well, some people in Carlisle think that their city’s fate is written on a stone – on a “cursing stone” to be precise.

The stone itself is an art installation, only a decade old, and is part of the Millennium Gallery underneath Castle Way, but the curse it carries dates back to the 16th century.

“The Curse of Carlisle” was reportedly first made by Archbishop Dunbar of Glasgow in 1525 against cross-border families, called Border Reivers, who would routinely pillage local communities and steal their cattle.

So troublesome were the Reivers that the church stepped in to issue a 1,069 word long curse against them, a tirade that includes such pearls as:

“May the waters of the Tweed and other waters which they use, drown them, as the Red Sea drowned King Pharaoh and the people of Egypt, preserving God’s people of Israel.”

Before the millennium the council hit upon the wheeze of commemorating this odd chapter in the region’s history by commissioning a local artist, Andy Altman, to quite literally set it in stone and inscribe it on 14 tonne piece of granite.

Even before it was erected, the memorial got into hot water with religious groups, and the stone was subsequently blamed for a catalogue of misfortune including; the outbreak of foot and mouth, floods, factory closures, a murder and even Carlisle United football team dropping a league.

The outcry culminated in a call by a city councillor, the late Jim Tootle, in 2005 to remove the stone from the city boundaries, although a leading white witch argued that this would increase the power of the curse.

The council rejected the idea on the grounds of costs. Meanwhile, Andy Altman was adamant that his artwork was no instrument of the occult: “If I thought my sculpture would have affected one Carlisle United result, I would have smashed it myself years ago.”


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