What to do in Carlisle this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the pressure is on to plan a special day together. In Carlisle, Cumbria, there are plenty of romantic locations where you can enjoy quality time with the person you love most. A Carlisle Valentines Day offers plenty of options for entertainment, romance, and great food. Continue reading “What to do in Carlisle this Valentine’s Day”

Top 4 above par Golf Clubs to join in Carlisle

Fondly referred to as the ‘great border city’ Carlisle also possesses great golf clubs that would rival the best in Cumbria. Cumbria itself represents a great place for a short golf break and Carlisle should definitely be on your list of stops. Here are four golf clubs Carlisle has to offer:

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Top Things to do in Carlisle

Also referred to as the Border city, Carlisle is an incredible ancient county town that is situated just 16 kilometres towards the southern Scottish border. Since it is also adjacent to the Lake District region of enchanting beauty, it is a famous area for residents living in the UK to retire or go on vacation. Below is a list of things to do in Carlisle. Continue reading “Top Things to do in Carlisle”

The Best Wedding Venues in Carlisle This Season

If you are looking for a great ceremony this season, be sure that you get the best. The great wedding venues in Carlisle provides with a list of options that depict both historical and modern facilities to give your wedding event a feel of a lifetime. The venues available are certified for both civil and religious ceremonies and in such way ensure you get the right package irrespective of your affiliation. Here is a list of venues that are worth considering. Continue reading “The Best Wedding Venues in Carlisle This Season”

Historic Facts of Carlisle

Otherwise referred to as “the great Border City”, the city of Carlisle is marked historically as being a Roman settlement. However it is believed that it existed even before the arrival of the Romans who upon arrival burned down the town and transformed it into one of its strongest towns at the time. History of Carlisle dates back to the year 875 AD when the town was destroyed and rebuilt and fortified under the orders of William Rufus. It rich archaeological artifacts depict a roman historic culture. Continue reading “Historic Facts of Carlisle”

How to Organise the Office Christmas Party


Have you been assigned the task of organising the perfect office Christmas party? Don’t panic! By the end of this short article, you’ll have a clearer understanding on how to create a great event that your guests will remember for years to come. An office Christmas party can often be expensive, with research suggesting that the festivities could cost British businesses £66 million every year. However, you could save money by planning ahead…

1. Start early

It’s ever too early to start organising the Christmas party, and the sooner you start, the more time you’ll have to create an event that your employees or colleagues will love. Remember – venues can book up quickly, so plan ahead to get the best prices. Once you’ve been given a date for the party, you’ll want to find out how many people are planning to attend the event. Send out a mass email and find out how many people are going to show up.

2. Save money

You’ve probably been assigned a budget for your office Christmas party, and it’s important you stick to it. When approaching venues and booking entertainment, ask for a full and final quote before you commit to anything; if your colleagues need to chip in, make sure you book something that everyone can afford. You’ll likely get a discount on a venue if you have a large number of people attending too, so shop around. Another tip: choose a venue that is centrally located, so all your guests can get there.

3. Organising food and drink

Decide on what type of food and drink you want to serve your guests. Ask yourself the following questions: do you want guests to pay for their own alcohol or is your company willing to foot the bill? What about food? Would guests prefer a buffet or a sit-down meal? Do any of your colleagues or employees have any dietary restrictions? Finding out the answers to these questions will make it easier when it comes to party planning!

4. Organising entertainment

Office parties can sometimes be awkward – especially if your guests haven’t communicated with each other outside of the office environment. A live band or entertainer can help to break the ice and will ensure that your guests have a good night. If you’re booking a DJ, you will want to make sure that they cater to all age groups with their choice of music. You might even want to hand out special awards to employees throughout the evening, or encourage guests to make speeches. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have a planned timetable of events so that the evening runs smoothly.

5. Decorating the venue

Some venues will provide decorations as part of the cost, but if not, you’ll have to purchase these yourself. If you’re on a budget, you won’t want to go overboard, but something like a Christmas tree or table decorations can really add to the festive atmosphere. If you want to add a special, unique touch to the event, decorate walls with photos of employees from throughout the year. A ‘photo wall’ can be a great icebreaker and initiate conversation.

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Helpful tips for a short holiday break

A short break holiday is one the greatest pleasures and treats for anyone to get away from all the stress of daily routine. The two or three night holiday combined with a dose of culture, great food and the discovery and exploration of somewhere new is always exhilarating. However, even if it’s only for just a brief weekend getaway, it can be hectic so here are some helpful tips.

Planning and booking the holiday early gets you better deals on travel and accommodation. It doesn’t pay to be spontaneous when taking a short break holiday. Planning ahead gives you the advantage of scheduling everything in advance so that you can go away with peace of mind.

Most people tend to forget packing certain key items so as you think of them, start collecting the things you want to take with you and put them in the bag or suitcase. For example, phone charger, glasses, magazines, books etc.

Everyone wants to travel light so it’s important to pack things which can be worn more than once. Visualise the holiday and pack clothes accordingly. It is always wise to choose outfits for both cold and hot weather just in case the weather unexpectedly turns out to be different at the holiday destination. Moreover, packing both casual and formal is essential to be ready for any type of occasion.

If travelling time to the destination will take more than one day make sure that you give yourself enough time to reach without rushing. Unexpected delays can happen and spoil the whole holiday. It is important to have a map in handy so that you don’t get lost and loss precious time locating your hotel. By giving yourself extra time, you’ll find that you are more relaxed and organised. This is guaranteed to give a positive start to your holiday.

Sometimes conversations tend to go towards work or business so avoid it as much as you can even if it’s on your mind. Remember you took the holiday to get away from it all so anything relating to work or business is best left aside.

If any plan has to change during the holiday be flexible and make the most of it. Change of plans could be not so much about travel and accommodation arrangements but making a stop halfway during your trip to see some attractions or the kids wanting to go somewhere else other than the one you’ve planned. During the holiday everyone should be able to have at least one request fulfilled to make it a fun and satisfying trip.

The UK banks now charges travel agencies quite a high fee for accepting payments by credit cards so in turn the travel agencies are forced to pass on some of these charges to customers. Hence to avoid these charges it is best to use debit cards and avoid paying these extra charges and save money.


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